The Child in Me brings back that old school art that marries contemporary design with copywriting to create unique brands and hard-hitting marketing campaigns.

Go Camp uses the sharing economy to bring people and communities together for greater camping experiences. The need was easy, the world is only getting busier, modern life can be taxing. People need a place where they can relax and escape to rejuvenate. That wasn't hard to sell.

The challenge with Go Camp was that it had two clear audiences and two completely different propositions. We tackled this by stripping the website down to it's core components and building a solid UX from there. This combined with clear, comtemporary branding helped us create a solid design system that could appeal to the wider demographic.

The Go Camp logomark needed to appeal to a younger demographic, work well on their screens but also be applicable in the real world.

We developed a versatile and minimal mark that can be easily be applied digitally but still pays homage to the outdoors. Framed by the shape of a globe, the tip of an arrow represents the 'go' while depicting a tent at the base of a mountain or a road disappearing into the horizon.