Words that get straight to the bloody beautiful, goddam exceptional, downright remarkable, often metaphorical point.

Writing for humans.

Stories are pretty big right now. If you’re not telling one, you’re not selling one.

We can help you find your brand voice, teach you to talk like your customers and write cut-through copy that still catches eyes in the clutter of the digital abyss.

Whether we are crafting complex health messages into compelling prose or writing hangover optimised copy for party games, we know words should be founded on data and be written for people.

Writing for robots.

You’ve probably been sold a lot of nonsense about ranking for Google, so we keep it simple.

We get under the hood of your site to make sure you are roadworthy for the Google highway.

Then we do the research and arm you with the keywords to bring in the right users, at the right time.

We’re not going to promise 5000% ROI but we will provide you with the best framework to please the illusive Google overlords.

TCIM effortlessly captured the essence of Wigwam and distilled it into concise and unique copy for my website and social channels.
They also let me win at ping-pong.

Troy Packham, Wigwam Visual

K9 Katering - Tagline

Grow Club - Naming & Tagline

Frequently Asked Questions

What is copywriting?
Copywriting is the words you can’t quite think up or the words on the tip of your tongue. It’s your business, beautifully encapsulated. It’s your big idea, neatly summarised. It’s your purpose, in plain english and perfect poetry.
What kind of stuff do you write?
Headlines, taglines, websites, sad poems, brochures, eDMs, scripts, passive aggressive emails, editorial content, blog posts, body copy, love letters, campaign creative, positioning statements, signage, angry restaurant reviews, crowdfunding campaigns, product descriptions, tone of voice guidelines and other things like that.
Are FAQs a great example of good copywriting and SEO?
You betcha, it’s a great way to add some personality but also good content for keywords.
What's the process?
We keep it simple; research and conversation.


We go to the data, talk to the audience, look at the market, analyse our competitors. This creates our platform, the solid base of evidence to get started on the idea.


We sit in a room, drink strong lattes with the experts and debate and argue. We come up with ideas, explore them and then scrap them until we come up with that special, important idea.