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Red wine and 40,000 feet.


I had a panic attack while you were sleeping I hope I didn't wake you

Planes flying low
Under the storm
I hear them
changing course
Sleepy eyes
Try to keep focus
In a coffee comatose
A memory overload
Of fuzzy photographs
Sore eyes
Staring at my phone

I want to ride this wave with you today
I want to let the stress fizz our brains
Let our bodies tense, until we feel no pain
I feel my pulse picking up
I feel my heart rate going off

Broadcast me into the abyss
Somewhere far away from this
I'm the continental drift-ing
Inside your dream
To tell you I had a revelation
While you were sleeping
Are we in the matrix?
Or another one of God's tricks?

I know my thought bubbles fuck with you
I know I can't settle and that bothers you
I know I shouldn't use a word like 'torture'
But if Eve had an apple tree
Well you've got an orchid


1. This modern mess

I always wanted to be Alex Turner
I wanted to be Scott Fitzgerald
To be Hemingway
To be Kurt Cobain
But I'm still alive
Alex and I in this modern mess
Trying to frame it so all makes sense
I wrote a novel but no one read it
Just my friends on the internet
Called my mum said I'm' starting a fresh
Broke up with my girlfriend, quit my job
Going to go write for the New York Times
I need some money for a ticket
And help with these lines
Nobody will hear my concept album
It's called dusty meth and modern times
It's real arty and nothing rhymes

2. Even god thinks I should lighten up

The universe centred in front of me
Lying on my back in the sand, before the great pacific
God came from the clouds and spoke
Although he wasn't very specific
He said
I have nothing to offer but my own confusion
Immortal, half arsed solutions
How to be a good man
Think before you speak
How to write good
Red wine and 40,000 feet
How to love
Forget it is a construct
Made by ad men to try and sell a product
How to be an adult
Say you've been busy and you haven't been up to much
How to be healthy
Only a few drinks a night
Hydrolyte in the morning
How to live the perfect life
Work hard, be kind
Most of all, lighten up
No one really gives a fuck
So don't feel sorry for your self
Feel sorry for someone else
And when in that rare moment, when you have a choice of what to do
Do the thing that frightens you

3. Appropriate shaped sticks

I remember the smell of bread toasting
on a settled country morning
The sound of my mum pottering around the kitchen
Boiling the kettle with conviction
Dad asked me to cut the grass
But the mower wouldn't start
He said mowers are simple
It's either the fuel, spark plug or the filter
When you work out which one
I'll show you how to fix it
I thought fuck that
And rode my bike to watch the cricket
Then I came home and played golden eye on Nintendo
Watched the Simpsons in the arvo
I'm sorry dad I'll do it tomorrow
Iraq was on the news, Mum was worried, she said "go outside and play with your brother"
So we found some appropriate shaped sticks
And we shot each other

4. God was in marketing

The biggest problem is not
The dust in the methamphetamine
The kids just have nothing to believe in
No big worlds wars
No country to sacrifice for
No god to throw themselves before
You know, God worked in marketing
Jesus was a salesman
Advertising in Bethlehem
Had a killer slogan called the 'promised land'

5. The Stampeed

I canceled prior engagements
I cleaned my room
Caitlin came around
Swallowing the silver spoon
She said "I'm sorry I'm such a mess"
I said "I've falling in love with worse than this"
And she started taking her clothes off
She listened to house music and danced at revs before 3am
She never woke up before noon on weekends
She liked to think she had it hard
Because the bank took daddys car
(But he kept the hobby farm)
And she's the visualisation of right and wrong
Smoky straight whisky and an old pop song
And I know she is only going to walk all over me
But I'm in to deep, I'm ready for the stampede
It's like she's always walking on a wire
Between buildings
Always whispering in her sleep
Saying shit that makes me think
Like "You live in your own mind"
And she's right
Can only love her
If I come outside

6. Everything new is already old

We got a cheap flight
To tranquility base
Picked up a magnet
And watched the sunset from space
A tour guide said
'Ain't it a dream'
But it looked like something
I've already seen
Felt like somewhere
I'd already been
Stop searching
Paradise is found
It wasn't that authentic though
I've seen whiter sand
Remember Paris
Before the war?
Remember New York
When it would snow?
I found a new place
You wanna go?
We should go quick
Because as you know
Everything new
Is already old
Stop searching
Paradise is found
It wasn't that authentic though
I've seen whiter sand

7. The sun causes cancer

Everyone now, weathers and fades
I see them, turning to grey
And the porcelain girls
Walk through them, like ghosts
Feel like I've lost my way
From those bungalow days
When I'm struggling to catch
Those cancer causing UV rays
Even when they slip though the blinds
On pleasant valley Sundays
Draw them up, I can't sleep
Caitlin is packing up her shit
She's needs to get away for a bit
On the 12:30 to California
And when she leaves
She says something, I always remember
"They cut out your dads cancer
But his darkness is forever"
Everyone now, weather and fades
I see them now, turning to grey
The white in their eyes
Getting sucked away
So I stay inside
And call it a day

8. One last day in California

I think I look like you
In that photograph
I guess it's only natural
You start to resemble
Your old man
When that was taken
I felt so symbolic
The night was leaving my system
Like a beach towel
Drying in the sun
I was feeling grateful for those
Old and run down hotels
For the endless road
Comfortable in the fact
That if the rest of my life
Is self inflicted torture
Well I got one last day in California
You sent back a message saying
"living the dream"
I guess things are never as good as they seem
But when I look at the turquoise water
I can't help feeling like I'm standing on your shoulders
I guess things are never as bad as they seem
And I got one last day in California
12 bucks, ciggies and a harlequin dream


The way you make it sound

We ran thought the crowds and kissed in the rain,
We sat in my tent as you vented your pain,
You told me the things that torment you mind,
I told you "It's fine, I'll help you unwind."

But it's something that stained and occupied my mind,
How such a beautiful girl can never feel fine,
How such a moment can be so wrongly read,
How all the darkness can keep you bound to a bed.

I want to be in love the way you make it sound,
I want to shoot from the hip and sleep on the ground.
If I could take all my joy I'd pass it to you,
Because I don't deserve it and I'm certain you do.

I know it's romanticised and partially true,
But I'd like to spend the rest of the week dancing with you,
Let's forgot of our lives outside this mirage,
Let's abandon this tent and run through the dark.

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