Darkroom develop high quality mockups for graphic designers, studios & start-ups.

Drawing inspiration from 1970’s film photography, we developed a cinematic, restrained design system.

The wordmark, set in FK Screamer with tight tracking, is a bold statement designed to disrupt the mockup landscape. By contrast, the secondary typeface, ITC Clearface, is an elegant timepiece of the 70s - helping give the brand a timeless sense of integrity.

The default product texture, a series of uninterrupted white squares, is a nod to analogue contact sheets - further tying the brand to the overarching photography motif. The repetition of the shape alludes to the iterative nature of building mockups out of 3D.

Not long after Darkroom's launch we conceptualised the Golden Ticket. A marketing campaign that hid a golden ticket inside a digital chocolate bar - granting whoever found it free mockups forever.